Simple Church – Anytime, Anywhere, By Anyone

With the rising costs of gas, church buildings, real estate and staff salaries, the old ways of doing things no longer fit the practicalities of our changing culture.

The good news is you can experience Jesus with friends, family or neighbors without leaving your block or home.  No buildings to build, offerings to take, no special qualifications needed.  Being a follower of Christ is not about meetings but being part of practical real life experiences in the Christian faith.  “The Church is not where you go, but who you are”  Change the world in the neighborhood you live in.


6 Responses to “Simple Church – Anytime, Anywhere, By Anyone”

  1. this is good stuff. we’re actually starting a simple church this weekend. keep following, disciples!

  2. Laura,

    Thats fantastic. Let me know if you need anything or have suggestions for the site.

    Steven A

  3. […] This short video is very powerful. It is a tragic snapshot of how many people feel isolated and lonely. The man in this story was found dead many years after he had died. No one had even noticed…that’s why we need A church in every neighborhood […]


    I had a dream it started 3 monthes ago about starting a church called simplechurch just to share with the world as simply as possible that GOD LOVES THEM. JOHN 3:17!!!!! keep it rolling keep it simple JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this is a dream im so excited

  6. Anytime anywhere anyone is awesome!! The site’s main theme must be God is a merciful God and He loves you and Jesus died for you.

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