Change happens locally.

These is an excerpt I found at Mars Hill church. I’m using their quotes because they just said it better than me.

“We believe the Church is God’s chosen vehicle for creating change. Change happens locally. It happens when people act where they are with what they have. Change happens gradually. It occurs when people do a series of little things well over a long period of time. As Christians, we love to talk but we don’t necessarily like to get up and out and get it done. It’s one thing to proclaim Christ on Sunday morning; it’s another to get wrapped up in your next-door neighbor’s life on any given day… What can you do? Place yourself in front of people. Put yourself squarely in the middle of their lives…”


2 Responses to “Change happens locally.”

  1. mandythompson Says:

    amen….. i think the Church has gotten too comfortable with cushioned pews.

  2. dwhitsett Says:

    Your quotes regarding the church are right on target in my opinion. We see church buildings everywhere but Christians and churches are largely invisible. If we are the agent of change (and we are) then this must change. Putting yourself in front of people and in a position to be invited into their lives is what evangelism is all about. I think you will find me a kindred spirit.

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