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How To Transform A Neighborhood

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Can we create safer and healthy neighborhoods? Can our communities become spiritually transformed? Then it must start where we live. If we don’t affect change in our neighborhood, some one else will and chances are we won’t like the results.


Make Your Neighborhood Your Church

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Can we transform our community by driving away from the neighborhood we live in, to minister to people one day a week, who live somewhere else?  If we look carefully we can become aware of the congregation of people who are constantly around us seven days a week. We call it a neighborhood and we barely notice it falling apart until it’s too late. That’s usually when we move, leaving the problem for someone else. Unfortunately the problem just follows us to our next neighborhood because all along we were the solution we didn’t take responsibility for.

The grass is not greener on the other side, but where we cultivate it. Touching peoples lives is the same way. The Christian life is not about where we go to Church nor is it about Church buildings or meetings, yet for most of us, that has become the center of our Christian experience.

If you are a church goer, Pastor or Church planter who wants to make a difference, step out and make your neighborhood your church. You will automatically be surrounded by a congregation of people. Be prepared to experience first hand, real transformation unfold before your eyes, including yours. Your life will never be the same again.

What is a Spiritual Movement?

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The results of ordinary everyday followers of Jesus taking adventurous steps of faith in a grass roots environment to help facilitate spiritual and physical transformation.

What is a Simple Church ?

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It is a group of at least two or three people who are, or are seeking to be followers of Christ, gathering together on a consistent basis, anywhere, anytime and facilitating change wherever they are.

What is a House Church?

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It is a simple church using a residential structure in a neighborhood or village to gather together”.

Free Spiritual Gifts Assesment Test

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What are your spiritual gifts? Click the links below to take the free online spiritual gifts test along with other assessments tests. Then ask others for feedback on the results.

Simple Church – Anytime, Anywhere, By Anyone

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With the rising costs of gas, church buildings, real estate and staff salaries, the old ways of doing things no longer fit the practicalities of our changing culture.

The good news is you can experience Jesus with friends, family or neighbors without leaving your block or home.  No buildings to build, offerings to take, no special qualifications needed.  Being a follower of Christ is not about meetings but being part of practical real life experiences in the Christian faith.  “The Church is not where you go, but who you are”  Change the world in the neighborhood you live in.