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How To Transform A Neighborhood

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Can we create safer and healthy neighborhoods? Can our communities become spiritually transformed? Then it must start where we live. If we don’t affect change in our neighborhood, some one else will and chances are we won’t like the results.


Why Our Neighbors Don’t Go to Church

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Recently Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville, Georgia went around town asking people why they don’t go to church. These are the same people who live where you and I live. They may never walk into a church door, but we “the church” can walk into their’s. My neighbors love their families, are thoughtful, intelligent, hard working, and worthy of my time to listen carefully and spend time with them as Jesus would. There is more to people’s answers than what’s being said.

Scared to meet your Neighbors?

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O if it were that simple. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will actually have to step out your door to meet them. Relationships don’t come with shortcuts.

Changing Your World!

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I am on one of the most amazing journeys one can imagine. Hard and dusty roads, full of life and adventure. I have chosen to be a follower of Jesus. This decision has been life changing.

Let us to be inspired together to continue pursuing this great adventure and be the kind of life changer whose actions change the world around us for the better.

Lets encourage others to experience this amazing life, full of adventure, wonder and celebration.

Who is my Neighbor?

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Why is it important for us to be active in our neighborhood? I find when we open our door and let people in or let ourselves out, even a simple hello can make someone’s day.

How do I meet my neighbors?

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Let’s keep it simple. Here is an interview of what one person did.

Here are a few more ideas.

1. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Say hi to people. Become familiar with the people around you.

2. Use what you have – A touch, a smile, a listening ear, food, your TV. Everyone has one of these items.

3. Keep an “open chair” at the kitchen table and invite family, friends, neighbors, churched or the unchurched to join you for a meal.

UpdateClick here to view another example of what one person can do.



Simple Church – Anytime, Anywhere, By Anyone

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With the rising costs of gas, church buildings, real estate and staff salaries, the old ways of doing things no longer fit the practicalities of our changing culture.

The good news is you can experience Jesus with friends, family or neighbors without leaving your block or home.  No buildings to build, offerings to take, no special qualifications needed.  Being a follower of Christ is not about meetings but being part of practical real life experiences in the Christian faith.  “The Church is not where you go, but who you are”  Change the world in the neighborhood you live in.