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Why Our Neighbors Don’t Go to Church

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Recently Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville, Georgia went around town asking people why they don’t go to church. These are the same people who live where you and I live. They may never walk into a church door, but we “the church” can walk into their’s. My neighbors love their families, are thoughtful, intelligent, hard working, and worthy of my time to listen carefully and spend time with them as Jesus would. There is more to people’s answers than what’s being said.


Change happens locally.

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These is an excerpt I found at Mars Hill church. I’m using their quotes because they just said it better than me.

“We believe the Church is God’s chosen vehicle for creating change. Change happens locally. It happens when people act where they are with what they have. Change happens gradually. It occurs when people do a series of little things well over a long period of time. As Christians, we love to talk but we don’t necessarily like to get up and out and get it done. It’s one thing to proclaim Christ on Sunday morning; it’s another to get wrapped up in your next-door neighbor’s life on any given day… What can you do? Place yourself in front of people. Put yourself squarely in the middle of their lives…”

Who is my Neighbor?

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Why is it important for us to be active in our neighborhood? I find when we open our door and let people in or let ourselves out, even a simple hello can make someone’s day.

How do I get started?

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  • Eat with people as often as you can, wherever and whenever you can. People engage and interact better with food on their plate than at any other time.
  • Listen to people as much as possible, as often as possible. Don’t preach to them. No one likes that.
  • Invite your friends, family or neighbors and do something nice for a neighbor, especially one in need.
  • Don’t try to solve everyone’s problems. The more you listen, touch, and serve, the greater impact you will have.